20 November, 2010

Fashion Industry Internship : A Small Step Towards Great Success

If you are really serious about working in the fashion design industry, a nice wise step towards your dream is working in the industry on the fashion industry internship program. You will be getting the experience and the training. Don’t worry about working for arduous hours with little or no reward; think about the future and how you are journeying towards a fun-filled career in the fashion design industry.

Get the Contact Details

One of the very first steps in signing up for the internship program is getting the contact details for the head office. You could start your search by browsing the internet, or you could start by asking around.

A Good Place to Start 

Although you are desirous of working with one of your favorite designer, you should note that chances are you will end up working at trade shows, retail, manufacturing or import export business. While working at these places may not be glamorous, you shouldn’t be too worried, mainly because you will still be getting the invaluable experience and training.

Prepare Your Resume  

To get an opportunity in the internship program as a fashion designer, you should possess a few skills that will make you a fantastic prospective internship candidate. Take the time to prepare, tidy up your resume, and be sure to add all your fashion designing achievements as well as other area like marketing and accounting. 

Stay Up-to-date with Fashion

Peradventure you are accepted to a fashion industry internship program interview. You should be aware of the latest fashionable trends. Additionally, you should also try as much as possible to be fashionable.


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