27 September, 2010

Gucci Hysteria Hand Bags

Gucci hysteria handbags, a perfect mix of glamour and prosperity was conceptualized and discovered in 1921 by Guccio Gucci. These bags originated in Britain and gained its popularity there only. Gucci hysteria designs integrated a stylish sagacity of dignity and sophistication counting stimulated aspect of the bags being straightforward, yet chic.

These lavish Gucci bags rapidly came in the notice of stiff celebrities, and renowned trend-setters including Jacqueline Kennedy and Elizabeth Taylor. They both personally used these bags which in real term gave boost to its publicity. The 1947 gave another beginning to the Gucci Hysteria bags when they launched bamboo handle handbag.

These bags were great success and are still company bastion. During the 1950s, Gucci also commenced the brand hooped webbing, which was consequential of saddle girth, and the suede moccasin amid a metal horse bit. The summer fashion collection of the Gucci bag includes Hysteria series in its main stream.

These collections replicated its splendid trend in all direction. Every person has different definition of fashion they may be looking for different perspective in their fashion trend but originality, inventiveness and uniqueness are part of every fashion without these fashions in actual term is incomplete.

Gucci Hysteria bags are fulfilling all criteria of fashion and real term is a complete trendy and lavish bag that can multiply your personality. However the price is not realistic. These bags are little expensive. The material might make it expensive.

Yellow/white patchwork on the front and black leather on the back make it beautiful and embroidery make it expensive. The leather pelt is eventually luxurious. Unfortunately its cost makes it, an item perfect for window shopping. The cheapest of these bag start from $ 175 and goes up to $ somewhere more than $ 1850.

24 September, 2010

Ferragamo Shoes Are Very Stylish

You are bored of wearing your old shoes? You wish to have shoes which provide quality? Then  Ferragamo shoes are the answer to all your concerns in this regard. These shoes match the latest trend and are very stylish. These shoes have been very popular among people all over the world since a very long time.

Ferragamo is a famous company that produces designer footwear among many other things. This company was founded by an Italian designer Salvatore Ferragamo. He moved to California in 1914 during his early career. He established a shoe shop there and designed shoes for film personalities. In earlier days many famous stars like Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn and Judy Garland had worn footwear designed by him.

These designer shoes are a favorite brand for many celebrities. Famous personalities like Al Pacino, Mel Gibson and Judy Dench have worn them. Madonna has a great passion for these shoes. The fans of this amazing brand are countless.

Ferragamo shoes use the best crafting skills and latest technology for production. The designer shoes are available for both men and women. Variety available in men’s shoes includes outdoor, casual, sport and city etc. Styles available in women’s shoes include athletic shoes, dress shoes, slippers, casual type and outdoor footwear etc.

The shoes which this brand provides are very good looking, extremely comfortable and catch the latest fashion trend. Besides shoes you can also use gloves, soft leather, scarves and a wide variety of clothing from this brand.

You can easily purchase these shoes online for your convenience. These shoes would really satisfy all your thoughts which you would have imagined.

21 September, 2010

Paris Fashion Week, Fashioning The Ramp

Paris Fashion week is the final destination of the fashion shows starting from New York and finally commencing at the French Capital. It locks the frenzied calendar of fashion shows. One of the four fashion capital Paris is the destination to end the fashion week.

This show also occurs twice a year first in the month of February and the second in the month of September (Autumn Fall/Winter). Between the months of January and April, trend and fashion market displays their winter and autumn collections and amid September and November the collections made for summer and spring seasons are shown.

Fashion weeks are scheduled and announced prior to the season to allow the media and purchaser to visit and catch the shows via different medium and abstract the change undergoing in the fashion world. The earlier scheduling also help the trader to display, acquire or slot the designers designs into the vend.

The fall of winter collection of Paris fashion week texture lukewarm clothes for winters. The album comprises all brands and style of dresses ranging from party wear to evening dresses. Paris Fashion Week is a sparkling occasion, which is covered by shoppers of popular stores, the press and celebrities. It is one of the most glamorous and exciting happening of Fashion industry which is celebrated for a week in the fashion capital.

Both recognized and impending fashion designers of Paris and other renowned fashion houses take part in the affair to attribute their innovative and fresh collection. Designers from all over the globe contribute in this happening.

Paris Fashion Week in France is a jumbo event that demonstrates the conception and design of the majority of the admired fashion houses like Givenchy, Elizabeth Emanuel Giorgio Armani, Alberta Ferretti and many more. No doubt Paris fashion week is fashioning the ramp.

13 September, 2010

Fashion Industry : An Industry Of Excellence And Larger Than The Film Industry

Fashion industry is a creative industry. It is an industry that is quite bigger in growth and profits than film, book publishing and music record industries. The main area of the profit in the fashion industry is the cloth design and development.

When you introduce the customers to the new trends of fashion, there is a growth and when this growth increases, simultaneously the profits increase. You need to be aware of the fact of trend driven conception in the fashion industry. It is good because it helps in the potential sales growth. Tends are based on the designers relative freedom to copy. If the law prohibits fashion design copying, then there can be a problem.
Fashion is constantly changing 

You need to keep our finger on the pulse. The fact is that the fashion changes on a daily basis. The main clients of the global fashion industry are domestic and foreign apparel manufacturers, designers and retailers.

In case the copy right law is introduced in the fashion designs, there will be a problem as the unique innovation culture of the fashion world will come under an intense legal scrutiny. Bill no 5055 is currently pending before the house in this regard will extend copyright protection.

Fashion industry network

In case of the fashion industry, the individuals need to develop the personal profiles. This is important to highlight their professional experience in the fashion industry. It is an essential fact that the fashion industry would not function without the factors like warehousing and distribution.

In the complete establishment of the fashion industry network, any industry that is directly linked to the fashion or textile industry is welcome. The main goal of the fashion industry network is the open dialogue across various sections of the fashion industry. The open dialogue is primarily in the areas of business.

Fashion : Glamorous industry

Behind the glamour of the fashion industry, there is a struggle. Generally, when the word fashion stucks your mind, you think of Runway models, magazines and red carpets but actually there is lot of behind the scene turmoil. Above all, all the career paths that are related to fashion are exciting whether it is the creative, technical or the business side of the fashion industry.

Creative jobs in the Fashion industry

In the creative side of the fashion industry, you will have career as a illustrator, textile designer, costume designers, stylists and other design positions. There is yet another side of fashion called the business side of the fashion. The prime jobs that you can have in this area are fashion merchandiser, marketing executive, buyer, or trend forecaster.

New and exciting way to design a garment is the most important task that the fashion designer or his design team will undertake. Fashioning is a passion that is undertaken by all the class of society. The fact is that nature has made man or woman to have a natural inclination to look focused and good.

No one in this world actually does not want to look glamorous and attended to. Everyone needs attention and the first step to receive it is to look good. The people who participate in fashioning are fashion lovers, socialites, men-about-town, models, designers, photographers, bloggers, and stylists. The prime hubs of the fashion world are New York City (with over 5,000 showrooms), California (Los Angeles and San Francisco), Miami, London, Paris, and Italy.

Organization of Fashion Industry

There are complications as far as the organization and the structure of the fashion industry is concerned. There is definitely certain lack of the standard fashion companies. This shortage can be in a wide spectrum that ranges from apparel, footwear, home textiles and accessories markets.

The organization of the fashion industry is not a complicated process if looked after by a genuine management in this area. There are retailers, design source and selling companies, companies with their own manufacturing facilities and other companies who outsource production but retain control over parts of the production process.

Apart from this, there are certain high fashion companies that face a different kind of pressure compared to fashion industries that function in the area of fashion commodity goods.

The combination of all the above factors makes the fashion industry one of the most complicated industries in the world. Some common issues are.

  • Power of the consumer.
  • Complicacy of the supply chains.
  • Time consumption in product launching and delivery. 
  • Importance inventory control maintenance.

Do You Even Know??

About 40 fashion weeks are held in different cities around the world every year. But the Big Four are in New York, London, Milan and Paris, and they are the most prestigious. 

06 September, 2010

New York Fashion Week Pioneering The New Trend Of Fashion

New York is one of the four famous fashion capitals of the world. It host two fashion weeks in a year. These fashion weeks are held in the month of February and September. The Fashion Week fall shows are held prior to the winter in the month of February and past summer in the month of September known as fall winter fashion week.

This year New York fashion week is sponsored by famous brand Mercedes-Benz and is baptized as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Due to mounting demands from Bryant Park management, this year Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will be hosted in Damrosch Park at the Lincoln Center in the month of September.

There are many innovative plans that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is planning to materialize. Fall of summer 2010 Fashion Week public will be experiencing the change of fashion because the trend shown at the show will be shaping tomorrow fashion.
These fashion weeks are not only helping the designers to promote their designs and brands but also saving their time and money invested on endorsement. Most of the designers of New York fashion week are planning to sell their product online.

Staging fashion for the first time in September 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is perhaps
going to be the most well-known event capable of catching attentions of media, celebrities and social fashion lovers.

The fashion shows are habitually compelling, entertaining escorted by shrill, soothing music and altering lighting. The wide coverage of media helps this international event to disseminate widely over the globe. In recent years its popularity has seen a hike because
of the public reach.

The first ever New York fashion week events inauguration dates back to 1943 and since then it is regular with its objective of promoting fashion.