01 October, 2010

Trendy Fashion Images Can Be Funny Too

Fashions are not only meant for setting trends. They guide the world, they update the world, and they change the world. Fashion in general is term used for style and custom prevalent at a given time. It combines costume, clothing and look of the models. It is off course a cultural phenomenon.

Unlike other art forms and creative media, fashion is a mode of self-expression for all populace involved: the designer makes clothes to express their personality, and the consumer wears them for the same purpose. Fashion also accommodates a number of other creative professions, such as photography, make-up and hair-dresser.

The fashion trade works tough to generate psychological relations and set prospect on the part of its audience. The market is flooded with different trends, and firms look for fresh ways to grip the thought of clients. Brands do this by different way sometimes they present models showing their outfits and at other instances they go beyond presenting clothes and try to bring different merchandise together.

Sometimes funny fashion trends are also used to grab the attention; it is used as mood chiller or mood setter. It is often transitory but the funny images are so humorous, amusing, entertaining, hilarious and alive that it will trim down your strain and anxiety level which consequently will and augment your happiness quotient. These funny trends help the industry and brand to get a new attention of the user.

Here we are with some fashion trendy funny images that may work out as a mood setter for you. Have a look on it and enjoy the session……….

This man doesn’t want to look alike ghost. But he actually is keeping himself safe from the deadly contagious Swine flu. The facade was launched after seeing the vivacious use of swine flu mask. The purpose was to replace medicated looking mask by this funny looking mask.

You might have read the story ‘lady with the lamp’. But in the fashion world everything is possible. Now see this lady, with bird …aa no…o “lady with the crow” will be the right description. Hey man this is not real it is a hair clip resembling crow tweaking on the branch.

Have you ever seen dog with glasses. See Tommy he is wearing it. Want to know why? Because, might the dog finding tough to roam in the scorching light of Sun. Materialistic world…….so they too have to care. It’s a question of status.

If you are the man with stomach bulging out and you feel quite uncomfortable to wear outfits just because it look quite wretched. This man has brought a solution for you. Try the outfits and be sure to carry the attention of the world.

“Hey, be quite! Otherwise I will fly” this model with the outfit of peacock may be gesturing the same feeling. So dear just smile don’t laugh otherwise the bird will fly.

Queen of Jhansi cradled her son on his back and fought with the enemy. Inspired by brave queen this girl is marching on the beach with his cute pet. The little rocky might be enjoying the journey. By the way you got a way to carry your pet, if you don’t want to walk with it a collar in its neck and the other end in your hand.

The best way to dry your clothes in the rainy season is to move with a hanger. This model is depicting the same trend. If you like you can follow it. Be sure that you will not get cold and you also not have to hang out in the sun to dry the wet dress.

“Comfortable life”: this cat is enjoying its life to the fullest. Warm cozy comfy quill below and a lukewarm wind cheater on the top is the lifestyle of this brawny. Pets are rich too………

The two ladies are fascinating the fashion, one with colorful outfit and the other with pasty dress. Dressing sense are quite different, no link with each other but still walking together on the ramp……….it’s a fashion world yar

Now see these nails caps, a new trend in fashion. It is showing multiple colors with creature on the top. Vibrant design and funny too isn’t it? These are extensively used; it breaks the monotonous feeling of one color. They look good and have captivated the market.