30 November, 2010

Fashion Industry Network : A Social Network For Fashion Lovers

Well, you have heard about Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks, however, there is also a social network on fashion called the fashion industry network. The website was launched by the Apparel Search Company and can be viewed by all the fashion lovers across the globe.

Imagine being able to keep up to date with information related to the fashion industry news all at the click of a button. If you are serious about joining this business network, you will have to visit the website for further details. Here are some of the features of this social network:

Meet Other Members

When you join this network, you will have the privilege of meeting with other members in the fashion industry. Not only will you be able to meet and greet, but you will also get an opportunity to interact with them. This level of communication between members holds the possibility of diverse benefits, as members are permitted to share fashion ideas and designs.

The Business of the Network

Another aspect of the network is that you are allowed to conduct business through the network. This is because both members of the fashion industry and consumers have the option of contributing in the network. 

The Balance of Ideas

Within the fashion industry network there is a strong balance and control of ideas. This is because both people who are actively working in the garment industry and shoppers for clothing are included in the discussion forums and boards.

25 November, 2010

Fashion Industry Magazines : Different Types Of Magazines

All across the world there are lists of reputable fashion industry magazines to suit the liking of a wide array of people from different backgrounds. In the fashion industry markets, there are large sums of individuals with different tastes and preferences who read magazines; therefore you will need to have different types of magazines to cater for the unique demands. Let’s look at a few magazines:

Images Business of Fashion Magazine

This magazine is one of the most reputable across the Indian subcontinent as well as the Middle East. This publication specifically caters for topics such as clothing, fashionable lifestyle, garments, and beauty awards. There is also an emphasis on other issues like marketing, branding, packaging, retailing and distributing clothing.

Fashion Market Magazine

In the fashion industry many subscribers in the United States subscribe to this publication, simply because it has topped the fashion selling magazines in the US. One of the most love features of this publication is its constant supply of information on the latest fashion updates, and at the same time providing for the fashion needs of businessmen, women and corporate executives.

Glamour Magazine

This magazine is published in the United Kingdom (UK) and is the best selling magazine for women in Britain. This is because this magazine renders precise and detailed date on health, fashion, style and of course, beauty.

The Apparel Strategist

In Canada the leading fashion industry magazines in the fashion market is called the apparel strategist. This publication has topped the charts for the last eighteen years in reporting on the textile, style and fashion business news.

20 November, 2010

Fashion Industry Internship : A Small Step Towards Great Success

If you are really serious about working in the fashion design industry, a nice wise step towards your dream is working in the industry on the fashion industry internship program. You will be getting the experience and the training. Don’t worry about working for arduous hours with little or no reward; think about the future and how you are journeying towards a fun-filled career in the fashion design industry.

Get the Contact Details

One of the very first steps in signing up for the internship program is getting the contact details for the head office. You could start your search by browsing the internet, or you could start by asking around.

A Good Place to Start 

Although you are desirous of working with one of your favorite designer, you should note that chances are you will end up working at trade shows, retail, manufacturing or import export business. While working at these places may not be glamorous, you shouldn’t be too worried, mainly because you will still be getting the invaluable experience and training.

Prepare Your Resume  

To get an opportunity in the internship program as a fashion designer, you should possess a few skills that will make you a fantastic prospective internship candidate. Take the time to prepare, tidy up your resume, and be sure to add all your fashion designing achievements as well as other area like marketing and accounting. 

Stay Up-to-date with Fashion

Peradventure you are accepted to a fashion industry internship program interview. You should be aware of the latest fashionable trends. Additionally, you should also try as much as possible to be fashionable.

15 November, 2010

Fashion Industry : Five Brands of the Industry

If you just can’t get enough of the latest fashion trends, then you should also be aware of the finite details of the fashion industry. While many people follow the trends of fashion across the globe, not many are aware that the industry has five distinct brands.

The brands are categorized as mainstream, luxury, affordable luxury, haute couture and discount. Let’s look at these five brands in a little bit of detail, so as to widen our knowledge of how marketing and distribution is determined in the markets:

Mainstream Brand

The main objective of these brands of apparel is appealing to the masses. When you are talking about mainstream, you will have to understand the fact that exclusivity was sacrificed for repeatability.

Luxury Brand

This particular brand has a lot to do with high prices for garments with a corresponding high quality in durability, style and color. This brand is specifically related to those customers who are wealthy people.

Affordable Luxury Brand

While the affordable luxury brand is responsible for the people who are not as wealthy but they desire a luxury look that is affordable. In other words, this brand caters for individuals who are aspiring to be wealthy, and can only afford the alternatives to luxury goods.

Haute Couture Brand

This particular brand is at the top of the scale, as this brand includes custom built garments worn by some the world’s richest people. This brand is comprised of a few companies which offer exclusive rights to produce hand crafted apparel.

Discount Brand

Within the fashion industry, these brands are not necessarily the latest fashion trends, but they are created for low income earners who are satisfied with wearing the cheapest cloths that are available on the market.

10 November, 2010

Fashion Design Industry : What You Need To Know

Have you ever thought about pursuing a career in the fashion design industry? Well, if you have had some serious thoughts about it, then chances are you have a passion for the art of fashion designing. Success at this career requires that you have a passion for the art of designing. Also, you will need to have some level of understanding about the career.

Fashion industry?

This industry is about the art and craft of applying designs and creativity to accessories and clothing for persons to wear. The truth is fashion designing can be mastered by manipulating the factors which influence how designs originate. This is because the fashion design industry is influenced by external factors such as ethnicity, cultural beliefs and socially acceptable attitudes. It can also be influenced by seasons and the overall impact of the time and taste of a consumer.

Who are Fashion Designers?

These are individuals who possess a keen eye for creating a number of clothing designs that satisfies their customers’ desires for apparel. While some designers love to work by themselves, there are others who enjoy working in teams. Additionally, some designers are popular and may have strong influence over the trendy fashion; there are others who merely influence the decision of customers.

What do Fashion Designers do?

In the fashion industry, you should be aware of the fact that designers are usually responsible for designing garments that are pleasing to their clients. When designing outfits, they should definitely take into consideration, who will be wearing the garments, when will they be wearing the garments and the styles.

05 November, 2010

Women’s Fashion Tips That Will Never Let You Down

Women and fashion go hand in hand. There can hardly be a woman on earth who is not influenced in one way or the other by the world of fashion. With looks becoming increasingly important by the day, a majority of the women and keeping themselves up to date with the various aspects of the fashion industry that can help them look drop dead gorgeous.

There are certain critical fashion tips that each woman should know in order to please the man and avoid committing any faux pas.

First of all, it is important to understand the shape of your body before choosing any type of clothing. There can be nothing more repulsive than ill fitting clothes not suited for your body type. Understanding the body type is also important because it will help you choose outfits that cover your flaws and accentuate your positives.

The accessories are a main aspect of fashion that can elevate your looks. Choose the right accessories to match up to your outfit. There are a wide range of accessories you can choose from such as bracelets, ear rings and many more.

It is important to remember that accessorizing for the corporate look is way different than accessorizing for the party. While the right accessories can add more value to the outfit you are wearing, the wrong ones can embarrass you.

Your hairstyle, sun glasses, accessories and outfit should complement each other well. Each one needs to be chosen with care to ensure you look beautiful at all times of the day.