15 November, 2010

Fashion Industry : Five Brands of the Industry

If you just can’t get enough of the latest fashion trends, then you should also be aware of the finite details of the fashion industry. While many people follow the trends of fashion across the globe, not many are aware that the industry has five distinct brands.

The brands are categorized as mainstream, luxury, affordable luxury, haute couture and discount. Let’s look at these five brands in a little bit of detail, so as to widen our knowledge of how marketing and distribution is determined in the markets:

Mainstream Brand

The main objective of these brands of apparel is appealing to the masses. When you are talking about mainstream, you will have to understand the fact that exclusivity was sacrificed for repeatability.

Luxury Brand

This particular brand has a lot to do with high prices for garments with a corresponding high quality in durability, style and color. This brand is specifically related to those customers who are wealthy people.

Affordable Luxury Brand

While the affordable luxury brand is responsible for the people who are not as wealthy but they desire a luxury look that is affordable. In other words, this brand caters for individuals who are aspiring to be wealthy, and can only afford the alternatives to luxury goods.

Haute Couture Brand

This particular brand is at the top of the scale, as this brand includes custom built garments worn by some the world’s richest people. This brand is comprised of a few companies which offer exclusive rights to produce hand crafted apparel.

Discount Brand

Within the fashion industry, these brands are not necessarily the latest fashion trends, but they are created for low income earners who are satisfied with wearing the cheapest cloths that are available on the market.


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