06 September, 2010

New York Fashion Week Pioneering The New Trend Of Fashion

New York is one of the four famous fashion capitals of the world. It host two fashion weeks in a year. These fashion weeks are held in the month of February and September. The Fashion Week fall shows are held prior to the winter in the month of February and past summer in the month of September known as fall winter fashion week.

This year New York fashion week is sponsored by famous brand Mercedes-Benz and is baptized as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Due to mounting demands from Bryant Park management, this year Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will be hosted in Damrosch Park at the Lincoln Center in the month of September.

There are many innovative plans that Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is planning to materialize. Fall of summer 2010 Fashion Week public will be experiencing the change of fashion because the trend shown at the show will be shaping tomorrow fashion.
These fashion weeks are not only helping the designers to promote their designs and brands but also saving their time and money invested on endorsement. Most of the designers of New York fashion week are planning to sell their product online.

Staging fashion for the first time in September 2010 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is perhaps
going to be the most well-known event capable of catching attentions of media, celebrities and social fashion lovers.

The fashion shows are habitually compelling, entertaining escorted by shrill, soothing music and altering lighting. The wide coverage of media helps this international event to disseminate widely over the globe. In recent years its popularity has seen a hike because
of the public reach.

The first ever New York fashion week events inauguration dates back to 1943 and since then it is regular with its objective of promoting fashion.