21 October, 2010

Popular Women’s Fashions Wear Stolen From Man’s Fashion Week

It is a universal dream of every woman to have clothes comprising the high fashion clothing lines. Every woman wants to have the popular branded and stylish fashion wear and garnishing like that of Prada, Chanel, and Dior.

But then in many cases most women cannot accomplish their thoughts because of the excessive price of these fashion wear. A very simple way to go for towering fashion clothing is to collect the latest designs of designers and try to copy their styles.

You can also follow the styles of celebrities. Spot the colors that are popular and trendy in that particular season. Get a high worthy fabric, go to a trained tailor and modify the dress according to your needs. In numerous cases this is very helpful because you can have fashion clothing for all sizes, from small to plus size, from brood to young girls.

You can reconstruct the designs of top designers.
If not getting this yet another cool suggestion is there for you all. If girly and feminine stuff is making you bored then Why not look towards men’s section. Here you will find cool outfits that will suit you and will cop up with today’s fashion.

At the first glance you will find difficulty in choosing the stuff because lot of them will not resemble your trend, for instance you can’t copy formal shirts, watch, sunglasses etc. Men’s fashion is revolves round trousers, coats, tie, t-shirts, shirts, watch and sunglasses only and these stuffs can’t be copied by women.

But there are lots of trendy wear that a woman can copy. Don’t be indecisive to replicate the style from men’s section.  After all, fashion is known for experiment. You should never hesitate in testing the trend; there is chance that you may become a center of attraction for all in a function you visit.

For your assistance I am here with some catchy mans fashion trend that may run very well with female too……………

Shirts: Shirts add an outstanding look to men. Women can try them too. Stylish shirts are in latest fashion trends. 2010 Paris fashion week saw a great deviation in men’s wear. Shirts with checks were great success. These Check shirts really created magic in the Paris fashion week. Now here is the twist, catch the point.

Dear women why not steal it. You can trim these check shirts and couple it with a micro-min jeans skirt to get a trendy look. And here comes a suggestion for you, do not over decorate your body if you are going with a formal trouser and a check shirt. Flaunt it with some chic accessories like a light gold bracelet. A nice heart shape pendant can give cool look with a stripe shirt.

Vest: In men’s section, you can find varieties in vest section. Colors like black, blue, red, beige, metallic etc. are used to make vests for men. You can try them with stripe shirts to find both sexy and formal look. They can be paired with pencil skirts.

You can also try black waistcoats these are evergreen fashion wear, you can try a black vest with any type of skirt to find stunning look. Still not getting then why not try unisex section. In women dressing, unisex work vest, unisex backless vest and tunic vest is very popular fashion inclination

Sport Shoes: After Shirt and Vest let’s move to shoes section, these also carry wonderful attire for all ladies.  Companies like Reebok have collection of sport shoes to give sporty look to men. You too can steal a glance from men’s sportswear. 

Polo shirts to shoes, various rieties offer a lot to copy the style of men. You can pair mini-skirts with sport shoes; the outfit looks great and is wonderful attire for outdoor parties.

These were some of the dresses from men section. Still there is lot you can borrow from the same. Go for these funny funky designs and run with the current fashion trends.