30 October, 2010

Vintage Style Dresses : Best Of Bygone Fashion Eras

Designer label clothing that is inspired by styles from yesteryears has the nametag Vintage attached to them. Clothes that were a part of top designer, exclusive clothing that are one of a kind from the old fashion era all classify as vintage style dresses.

Many designers launch their new collections which are inspired by vintage style dresses. The original pieces of vintage clothing are very expensive because of their unique styling and the limited quantity they are available in. Celebrities and stars have a big hand in promoting fashion collection from top designers and setting the trend.

People follow the fashion trends set by their favorite celebrities and the trend catches on. Celebrities and stars play a major role in popularizing vintage clothing too. Wearing vintage clothing was not too common in earlier days. It started appearing more often on red carpet events and fashion shows, and quickly became the symbol of status.

Vintage style dresses do not necessarily comprise of the original clothing from the old fashion collections. Vintage clothing means that the designer collection for the season is completely inspired by vintage styling, with the hues, fabric and designing based on collection from old times.

Many designer brands have an entire collection almost every season dedicated to vintage line, since they are quickly becoming sought after favorites. Vintage style accessories are equally popular as dresses, because nothing complements vintage clothing better than vintage accessories from great collections.

Vintage line of clothing and accessories appeals to all people with every kind of fashion sense, since it adds instant charm to the persona.

24 October, 2010

Tips To Pick up The Best Pair Of Women’s Fashion Sunglasses

Women’s fashion sunglasses are among the hottest selling accessories in the market today. In addition to the innumerable designer brands, there are also a wide range of inexpensive brands for people to choose from.

The affordability of these glasses is one of the reasons for the popularity of these accessories. There are innumerable varieties for people to choose from. From small, square glasses to over-sized ones, there is something for everyone to choose from.

The over sized fashion sunglasses are the most sought after. While they surely enhance the visual appeal of the wearer, there are few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing them.

Some of the most popular brands of fashion sunglasses are Ray Ban, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior and Roberto Cavalli. However, for people running on a tight budget there are also replicas of fashion sunglasses from these famous brands and other inexpensive brands that they can choose from.

Though there are a lot of stores that do sell these sunglasses, the best option for people looking to get good deals is by going online. Online stores offer a lot of discounts on glasses from various brands.

The other benefit of shopping at an online store is that you can find a wide variety of glasses in just one online store. This will save you a significant amount of time and money which you can utilize for various other purposes.

However, before you get shopping at an online store to pick up the fashion sun glasses you have been wanting for a long time, ensure the website is completely secure so your personal information remains confidential.

21 October, 2010

Popular Women’s Fashions Wear Stolen From Man’s Fashion Week

It is a universal dream of every woman to have clothes comprising the high fashion clothing lines. Every woman wants to have the popular branded and stylish fashion wear and garnishing like that of Prada, Chanel, and Dior.

But then in many cases most women cannot accomplish their thoughts because of the excessive price of these fashion wear. A very simple way to go for towering fashion clothing is to collect the latest designs of designers and try to copy their styles.

You can also follow the styles of celebrities. Spot the colors that are popular and trendy in that particular season. Get a high worthy fabric, go to a trained tailor and modify the dress according to your needs. In numerous cases this is very helpful because you can have fashion clothing for all sizes, from small to plus size, from brood to young girls.

You can reconstruct the designs of top designers.
If not getting this yet another cool suggestion is there for you all. If girly and feminine stuff is making you bored then Why not look towards men’s section. Here you will find cool outfits that will suit you and will cop up with today’s fashion.

At the first glance you will find difficulty in choosing the stuff because lot of them will not resemble your trend, for instance you can’t copy formal shirts, watch, sunglasses etc. Men’s fashion is revolves round trousers, coats, tie, t-shirts, shirts, watch and sunglasses only and these stuffs can’t be copied by women.

But there are lots of trendy wear that a woman can copy. Don’t be indecisive to replicate the style from men’s section.  After all, fashion is known for experiment. You should never hesitate in testing the trend; there is chance that you may become a center of attraction for all in a function you visit.

For your assistance I am here with some catchy mans fashion trend that may run very well with female too……………

Shirts: Shirts add an outstanding look to men. Women can try them too. Stylish shirts are in latest fashion trends. 2010 Paris fashion week saw a great deviation in men’s wear. Shirts with checks were great success. These Check shirts really created magic in the Paris fashion week. Now here is the twist, catch the point.

Dear women why not steal it. You can trim these check shirts and couple it with a micro-min jeans skirt to get a trendy look. And here comes a suggestion for you, do not over decorate your body if you are going with a formal trouser and a check shirt. Flaunt it with some chic accessories like a light gold bracelet. A nice heart shape pendant can give cool look with a stripe shirt.

Vest: In men’s section, you can find varieties in vest section. Colors like black, blue, red, beige, metallic etc. are used to make vests for men. You can try them with stripe shirts to find both sexy and formal look. They can be paired with pencil skirts.

You can also try black waistcoats these are evergreen fashion wear, you can try a black vest with any type of skirt to find stunning look. Still not getting then why not try unisex section. In women dressing, unisex work vest, unisex backless vest and tunic vest is very popular fashion inclination

Sport Shoes: After Shirt and Vest let’s move to shoes section, these also carry wonderful attire for all ladies.  Companies like Reebok have collection of sport shoes to give sporty look to men. You too can steal a glance from men’s sportswear. 

Polo shirts to shoes, various rieties offer a lot to copy the style of men. You can pair mini-skirts with sport shoes; the outfit looks great and is wonderful attire for outdoor parties.

These were some of the dresses from men section. Still there is lot you can borrow from the same. Go for these funny funky designs and run with the current fashion trends.

18 October, 2010

Role Of Fashion Designers In The Fashion Design Industry

Fashion industry is one of the largest, continuously changing and evolving industries, which influences what people wear, all over the world. Fashion designing is the process of creating new trends in apparel and accessories and setting fashion trends according to places, seasons or any such specific theme. Fashion designers are people responsible for the changes in the fashion design industry and evolution of new meanings for fashion.

Every new season, collections are launched worldwide and new styles are set for people to follow. Every company that manufactures apparel and accessories has fashion designers working on them, which makes it a very rewarding career option. If fashion designers have a successful launch pad to showcase their design ideas and collection, they become famous and decide the trends to follow.

Fashion designers work in close collaboration with major fashion brands and celebrities to make a statement in the world of fashion. They are an indispensible part of the fashion design industry. Most fashion designers are formally educated in fashion designing, and have years of experience that enables them to make an impact in the world of fashion.

Since fashion designing needs artistic bent of mind, there are many fashion designers who can strike a chord without having a formal training, but have an excellent fashion sense and imagination. To be a successful fashion designer, right combination of colors, fabrics and design patterns are important, if the style has to last long.

Fashion designers need to work through the year to launch their collection at every season namely spring, summer and winter. Seasonal changes call for change in fabrics, colors, and designing of clothes, creating a demand for change in fashion. Every detail from the clothes to bags and footwear change from season to season, making the fashion design industry, one of the most active industries, in all seasons.

The role of fashion designers in the fashion industry is very important, since it is their creation that makes the industry. Every piece of clothing we wear in our daily lives has a designer’s work involved. The success of a fashion brand in the industry depends completely upon the originality, unique imagination and skill of a fashion designer.

16 October, 2010

About Trend Spotter

To survive in the fashion industry, a company has to frequently come up with new trends and styles which people like and follow. This helps them to become popular among the fashion conscious mass who can consider buying their needed items from them. Hence, a fashion company needs to continuously study the current fashion trends to determine what could be the next. It also needs to discover and invent newer styles and trends to attract its potential customers.

To fulfill this prime requirement, many small and big fashion firms hire a professional specifically for identifying and suggesting new fashion trends. Such a professional is called a trend spotter. As is clear from the above paragraph, a trend spotter serves an important role in a fashion company. He goes to different places around the world to study their culture and trends with respect to clothing and dressing up. 

He keenly looks after the fashion and style running in a given region to determine their potentiality for being popular among the mass in a given region. It may not seem difficult but it is actually so. The trend spotter often likes to visit places where the natives are fashionable and likes to dress up in stylish ways. Such spots are Paris, New York and Tokyo. 

To become a trend spotter, one needs to have an inclination towards thinking of new and unique styling ways. Having a college education from a fashion institute is helpful in enhancing the skills. The skill and ability to spot a trend goes on becoming strong with experience. Trend spotting is definitely among the most interesting jobs in the fashion industry. There are high chances of growing intellectually and making money for one as a trend spotter.

14 October, 2010

Importance Of Advertisement In Fashion Industry

The purpose of advertisement is creating public awareness about the object being advertised. When people know about a particular brand that can offer them a quality product they need that point in time, they consider buying from it or actually search for it to buy their needed product. Thus, advertisement carries immense importance in revenue generation of a fashion firm.

Fashion companies use various strategies for advertising their products. Suppose it deals with clothing. The simplest way is to put an advertisement film on television and an audio on radio. The company certainly does it. Another strategy could be to put pictures or audio-video films of the dresses worn by models on the Internet. You commonly find the mentioned things on various websites. The company chooses the popular websites to display pictures and films of their products. When you open a web page from such websites, you find the ads set or blinking on the sides.

There are some more strategies for advertising a product. The one that is widely used by the fashion companies is to display their product in fashion shows. Showing them off in grand shows always bring additional advantage as a glam factor gets automatically associated. Fashion firms understand the importance of a popular film star or any other public figure for a common man quite well. They have started making use of such personalities’ popularity in advertising their products.

The garment fashion company usually offers their dresses to famous celebrities to wear in social gatherings, filmfare awards, photo shoots, or even while casually walking down a street. This creates not only awareness about the product but also a sense of trust among the common people for the brand as their favorite celebrity wears that brand. 

By going through the above account, you might have got some idea of the importance of advertisement in fashion industry, how it creates business and how it directs people what to wear or not in a given time. Advertising is of prime importance for any fashion firm. This is the reason they invest a lot in it.

13 October, 2010

Ways To Make Career In Fashion Industry

The fashion is a vast field. To make a career into it, you must be sure of your area of interest. Some of the common options available to you are designing, photography and modeling. For the first two areas, you need to have a formal college education. However, you do not require any formal education for modeling. You need to have determination, creativity and a positive attitude to enter this particular industry.

If you have all these qualities, you can not only establish yourself but also reach great heights. The most common jobs available in fashion industry network are related to designing of clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories.  To become a designing professional, you need to have a portfolio that depicts your strong artistic ability. A college education from a reputed and recognized college will help you a lot. 

The coursework often involves fashion history, computer functioning, designing with computers, fabrics, and colors and designing various types of clothing. When you begin your career as a designer, you are most likely to work as a pattern creator or maker. Though designing is done with the help of computers, knowledge of sketching will always be beneficial. Make a portfolio that is suggestive of such qualities.

Search for the companies. Forward your resume to those you are interested to work with. You may also avail job placement services. Fashion industry network is very large. Having networking skills will help you establish yourself well and fast. 

If you wish to become a fashion model, having a good health and shapely body figure will be of immense assistance. You need to have high self –confidence and a glamorous attitude to achieve success. Again, good social networking will assist you in establishing yourself. When it comes to career in fashion, strong determination is a must. Success may get delayed but with will power and confidence, you can always win it.

12 October, 2010

The Global Fashion Industry And Its Changing Trends

Fashion is a term that inspires many smiles and thoughts of glamour and style in people. The fashion industry is without a doubt one of the biggest in the world and it is today intertwined with the cultures, customs and trends from all over the globe.

It has not only been a huge source of revenue for many nations but it also employs people in various stations and with various skills to come together to create beauty that we see walking down the ramps. The global fashion industry is without a doubt one of the biggest and most happening in the world.

While the demand for newer and trendier clothes will never go out, the global fashion industry continually attempts to re-invent itself and one of the best ways to do this is to combine styles and methods from all the various corners of the world.

There is a lot of competition to bring out the best to the forefront and quality is something that people simply do not compromise on in this arena. Fashion trends keep changing and this is the most important and challenging aspect of this industry, you have to keep bringing a fresh face forward time and again and reinvent trends.

There are numerous attempts being made in the global fashion industry to also bring to the forefront a lot of the local talent which comes from the rural areas and give it an urban edge through spectacular design ideas. With so much competition, there is always the need to stay at the top by continually developing and experimenting with colors, patterns and cloth.

There is often a lot of pressure to complete work within deadlines and also to make sure that the whole gamut of designs and ideas remain hidden until they are unveiled at a show. There have been enough cases of espionage with many big design houses losing their ideas to competition just nights before their big show.

The global fashion industry is rife with competition and ripe with opportunities. The important thing to do is to continue to tread new waters and be willing to try something different each time!

The Ever Changing Fashion Industry And Its Palate Of Inspiration

The fashion industry is without a doubt one of the most changeable ones and what is one man’s trends may be another’s worst nightmare. When looking to fashion for inspiration or vice versa it is important to consider a number of variables. Sometimes being fashionable is about how you carry yourself as much as it is about how you do things.

Fashion has many connotations and not all of it is easy to understand. You have to put a lot of time and effort into truly looking trendy and spectacular or you can effortlessly carry off a simple look that will completely stand apart in its elegance and style.

The trends in fashion are forever changing and the last few years have seen the advent of eco friendly designs that are not just about looking good but also going green. Using non chemical dyes, earth friendly fabrics like jute and other messages were strongly emphasized by many of the trends seen on the ramp.

Every season sees some new trend coming up and this season, purple is the new black.  Fashion in not just about latest designs but also about the right colors and nothing can be as tasteful as choosing the right looks.

In addition to many trends in color influencing the fashion industry, more than ever movies and celebrities are redefining couture and its trends. Taking inspiration from movies and power dressing are taking on new meaning as trends continue to emerge which are continually experimenting with cuts, fabrics and shades.

Fashion is about self expression, cultural creativity and innovation. Many iconic figures have been admired for their sense of style including the late princess Diana who had the world’s eyes on her for every dress and style she was seen to sport.

When indulging your craving for a dose of fashion also bear in mind that many cult looks have also come from rock and pop stars who have inspired people to experiment not just with their clothes but also their hair, makeup and more.

Movies are also changing the way the fashion industry is influencing lives as cult movies like the twilight continue to inspire a whole new look in the younger and older generations.

11 October, 2010

Fashion Industry Internships : Hone Your Skills To Make An Impression

Fashion is an often reinvented and reiterated concept that keeps changing with the times. There is a lot of glamour, tight deadlines and countless ideas that go into inventing and bringing out a new look each season. In order to truly understand and be able to deliver on the requirements of this industry getting exposure to the real hard work that goes on behind all the shiny new looks is important.

Fashion industry internships offer just this edge to many people. There are many youngsters who pass out with many dreams and few of them get the privilege of doing internships paid or unpaid with their favorite designers. It takes a lot to be able to launch one’s own line and what better way to learn than from the horse’s mouth.

Whether you wish to work in retail merchandising, have your own shoes or open a boutique, learning the ropes is important. The more you can work with other designers who have made their mark, the better you learn the tricks of the trade. The roads may be long and arduous but the fame that comes from making a mark can be addictive and will provide to you the push you need to succeed.

Fashion industry internships will make sure that people can push the limits of their creativity and continually come up with innovative and interesting design ideas that will truly make a difference. It is the much needed element of experience that will help designers to truly excel and make a difference.

The fashion industry internships can be acquired after completing a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree or simply if you have the passion to design or work in this industry and have the right contacts. Not all designers have learnt things from a fashion school but some knowledge of techniques, fabrics, designing basics and colors are important.

Having an innate ability to draw and idea about colors and fabrics can go a long way to bringing out your inner talent. But to hone the skills to the level they need to make an impression fashion industry internships are important.

09 October, 2010

Extending The Runway : Tatiana Sorokko Style

"Extending the Runway: Tatiana Sorokko Style" is a fashion shows named after Tatiana Sorokko who was the first Russian model to achieve worldwide success. Moving from Moscow to Paris in 1990, she walked the ramp for major designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Miuccia Prada, Issey Miyake and many more.

For over a decade, Sorokko graced the covers and editorial pages of European and American magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle and Cosmopolitan.

At present she is a providing her service to the American Harper’s Bazaar as an editor interviewing and styling photo shoots of notable subjects all over the world. Her power as an international style setter and taste maker extends well beyond the podium.

Sorokko was named to the International Top 100 Best Dressed list by American Vogue in 2000 and the Best Dressed Women of All Time list by Harper’s Bazaar in 2007.

"Extending the Runway: Tatiana Sorokko Style" will displays case works from the early 20s till today. The runways become more active and live, due to the participation of renowned designers and trendy houses. Fortuny, Paquin, Lanvin, Madame Grès, Balmain, Patou are some of the name that participate in this International event.

Extending the Runway is a carnival of Sorokko's global fashion career, her fashion, trend and style setting visualization and distinctive style. The setting covers up two Museum arcades and texture, 60 garments and frills of famous designers like Balenciaga, Balmain, Comme des Garcons, Fortuny, Ferre, Halston.

16 September 2010 saw the birth of Tatiana Sorokko Style in US, at Phoenix Art Museum. The event showed a collection of 18000 outstanding works of Asian American European and Latin American Contemporary and modern art along with fashion design.

07 October, 2010

Top 10 Fashion Designers Ever

Fashion is a gigantic industry of the world. Globalization has boosted up the fashion industry and gave it a wider platform to display their talents and introduce different designs to the world.  But from where actually the design come.

These designs are creative and innovative work of fashion designers. These designers have a lasting impact on the fashion world and popular culture throughout the decades. From traditional to assorted, their discrete styles will always manipulate the way people dress, and the way new designers advance their work. Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing clothing and accessories.

Their style, trend and way are always being waited to prove to the world that can shake the fashion. Fashion designers endeavor to design clothes which are practical as well as aesthetically gratifying.

Fashion design is the ability of the designer relevance to the design and aesthetics or natural beauty for clothing and accessories. Fashion design is predisposed by artistic and social attitudes.

Here we are presenting you with top 10 designers of the world; this list is prepared by our editors after thorough search, still suggestion with authentic reasons to consider the ranking is welcomed.

  1. Valentino Garavani

Valentino is an Italian fashion designer and founder of the Valentino Spa brand and company. He was born in the year 1932. Valentino's signature style is "opulence".

The excellence of luxury in Valentino is never pompous, but rather very strong, absolutely unique and incredibly elegant. “King of Elegance” has dressed famous ladies of world like Elizabeth Taylor and Julia Roberts.  

His rich famous life and widespread album of priceless art are not the only rewards he has been honored with for his talents. France government awarded him Legion d’ Honour in 2006. 

2. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren born on October 14, 1939 is an American fashion designer and business executive; best-known for his Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand. With finest product lines such as Polo/Ralph Lauren for Men, Double RL, Ralph Lauren Home, Ralph Lauren for Women, and even Ralph Lauren paint, Ralph Lauren has taken the American way of life to new heights.

Ralph Lauren is known for his desire to control every facet of his company’s image: some of his ex-employees tell tales of a control freak with a quick temper and little patience for mistakes. Today, his basic polo shirts and khaki pants continue to remain the base of his empire, along with fragrances like Lauren for women and Polo, his famous men’s cologne.
The Bronx born designer is the personification of archetypal and elegant fashion.

3. Tom Ford

He is an American fashion designer and film director. He gained international fame for his gyrate, of the Gucci fashion house and the creation of the Tom Ford label. He is a leading fashion designer and is best known for his designs in extravagance clothing, accessories, fragrance and cosmetics.
His line of eyewear were the first of his collection to really take-off, with almost every celebrity from Brad Pitt, Lindsay Lohan, and Madonna to Joaquin Phoenix, Jennifer Aniston and Sally Field being huge admirer of his eyewear collections.
Ford stole the show at the first ever VH1 Fashion Awards and won the Best International Designer Award in 2000. He was born in Texas on 27th august 1961.

4. Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace born on 2 May 1955 in Reggio Calabria is an Italian fashion designer. She is currently working with Versace Group as a vice president and is also Chief Designer of Fashion Line.

She supervises over seven brands under the Versace name. Donatella started as an accessories designer at the House of Versace and is known her sexy yet well-dressed designs.

5. Stella McCartney

Stella Nina McCartney born on 13 September 1971 is an English fashion designer. The name itself sounds popularity but a light introduction is required. Daughter of a superstar, Sir Paul McCartney, Stella has managed to whittle a huge place for herself in the fashion world. 

Her clothes are the stature of class and speak a lot of her personal talent. She graduated from Central Saint Martin’s in 1995. Her final year collection was snapped up by the biggest names in retail counting Browns and Bergdorf Goodman and after two years her sharp-tailoring talents landed her to the top job as creative director at Chloe. 

She never promote dresses design from fur, might be due to the heredity love for animal. Her mother was animal activist. 

6.Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is an Italian luxury fashion house The Company was started by the Italian designers Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana in Milan, Italy. By 2005 their turnover was €750 million. 

Their clothing designs are usually black in color and geometric in shape. These two fashion names have intermingled with the fashion. Every woman who wears D&G can be sure to feel sexy and confident. They both hail from Italy, and are known for making the "stars look like Stars". 

The winning- combination of Dolce's tailoring perfectionism and Gabbana's stylistic theatrics has made the label a powerhouse in today's celebrity-obsessed age and just as influential as the ambassadors of sport, music and film that they dress.

7. Alexander McQueen

He was born on 17 March 1969 and left this world for heavenly abode on 11 February 2010. He was a British fashion designer known for his eccentric designs and stun tactics. McQueen worked as the top designer at Givenchy for five years after which he founded Alexander McQueen and McQ labels. 

McQueen's dramatic designs, at time were worn by celebrities like David Bowie, Lady Gaga, Ayumi Hamasaki and Kelis. He won, British Designer of the Year award four times. However dark McQueen's design, it still achieves a femininity that has seduced everyone from Bjork to the Duchess of Westminster.

He is one of the worlds most innovative and outstanding couturiers known for his theatrical influence, his creations are not only beautiful but also colorful and raw.

8. Oscar De Larenta

Oscar de la Renta was born on July 22, 1932. He is one of the famous fashion designers from US. He’s known for his lavish eveningwear and stunning coats.

De la Renta's designer line is admired by the teenaged socialites and celebrities, as well as the stylish ladies who look for something classy to go for lunch parties. No doubt he is outstanding.

9. Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani born on 11 July 1936 is from Italy. He is known today for his clean, tailored lines. He formed his company, Armani, in 1975, and by 2001 was acclaimed as the most successful designer to come out of Italy with an annual turnover of $1.6 billion and a personal fortune of $5.3 billion. His design on menswear is extraordinary.

His popularity went on the seventh sky when he designed the dress of Richard Geri for the movie American Gigolo. After working for renowned fashion house Nino Cerruti, he branched out on his own, delivering his first women’s wear collection in 1974. He’s an institution, an icon and a multinational, billion-dollar brand.

10. Christian Dior

Christian Dior is no more in the world but his designs and dresses are still in the talk. He was born on 21 January 1905 and expired on 23 October 1957. He was from France and enjoyed a very dominant position in world of French fashion designing.
He is the director of the famous fashion houses “Christian Dior”. The dresses that are designed in these fashion houses are known for its charismatically seductive designs. Some are internationally accepted.

06 October, 2010

San Francisco Fashion Awards 2010

SAN FRANCISCO FASHION WEEK (TM) 2010 is an elite fashion shows promoting San Francisco's most pioneering and budding fashion designers. This event soar initiate the fashion events concluding the revival of San Francisco Fashion Week.

San Francisco celebrated its third Fashion Awards for the year 2010. It was produced by Del Geronimo. San Francisco’s fashion community celebrates this award to show a sense of gratitude to their local fashion industry which has actually given them the international recognization.

The city gives awards to the Best milestone setter who has set record in the home. There extra ordinary work has boosted up the industry to the higher level of vision. The prime motto of this award ceremony is to give tribute and admiration to the most significant, flair, and able artist who have added novelty, originality and societal transformation in the enduring fashion advancement of San Francisco.

The victorious come back of "San Francisco Fashion Week (tm)" pertinently titled 'THE REINVENTION' was a reverberating victory. The organization request active participation of  the citizen to promote the motto and their objective.

05 October, 2010

London Fashion Week : The Hub Of Fashion Sizzles Again

Changing environment weather and season makes people happy and changing in fashion make tem feelfashionable and updated. Similarly in the London Fashion week many new changes appeared. One more time peoples found the latest, astonishing and unbelievable collection. Designers exposed their newreflection and people were only able to say wow! amazing.

Burberry Prorsum:-

Burberry Prorsum presented his collection with classic padded, zippered biker jackets and quilted. Andfor women they revealed collection of biker jacket in to short trenches. Their collection was available in various colors including eau de nil and midnight blue, host of ruched silk dresses in shades of mint and bright green patent leather biker jacket.

Christopher Kane:-

The designers presented their collection which inspired with Queen Elizabeth II. They presented pleated skirts, skirt suits and dresses. The collection was highlighted with brightly colored pieces which were made from leather pierced with a lace design.

Matthew Williamson:-

Matthew Williamson presented his collections which were featuring cropped jackets and lightweight wool shifts, raffia fringe and embroidery for miniskirts, handcrafted tops with details made from bits of wood and tin and swingy skirts dripping with bugle beads and peacock feathers.


The collection was inspired by Mexico in fifties, in the collection designer offer wispy dresses, flouncy skirts worn with ruffled petticoats and lots of lightweight denim cowboy shirts. Also they presented leopard-print dresses and starched and white embroidered shorts with a black trompe l’oeil bow at the front.

In the London Fashion week many exotic and charming collection were disclosed by the designers, which were really amazing.

04 October, 2010

Being Fashionable With New York Latest Fashion Trends

Experience the latest style and glamour in New York. Where, you will always sense the magnificence and contentment of latest trends. In the recent fashion week in New York many new collection revealed. In this season, once again New York found various new collection with breezy whites and bold colors. The collection was amazingly enthusiastic and incredible. Designers presented best collections for women.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta presented the collection which was beyond the expectation. In the collection they showed tactile laser-cut buds on a leather skirt, leaflike trims on a bustier dress, in gussying up a prim jacket and 3-D peonies in ombre pinks. In the collection they also offered mix of pretty reds, celadons, blushes, neutrals and bright greens.

Calvin Klein

In the Calvin Klein collection they offered collection of amazing fabric such seemingly plain clothes.These clothes are much softer and remained to a basic palette of black, red, ivory and blue. Amongst the collection clothes shows were long dresses with sporty and sexy look and most of dresses were covered up with long slim sleeves.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is well-known for its fortune and rock solid identity and this time they come up with sensible hobo bags in leather and Navajo blanket wool, pioneer lace, conch belts and big. This time they also represented pattern like some form of fringe, whether on jacket, coat or scarf, flying freely over mostly white underpinnings.

In the recent fashion week many others well known brands sets new height of fashion including Narciso Rodriguez, Rodarte and many more.

02 October, 2010

Burberry : Redefining Heels

Burberry is a British opulence fashion house, developing clothing, fragrance, and fashion accessories, and off course shoes with high heels. High heels have become its trade name. The Burberry high heel metallic stud sandal is in patent leather.

The shoes feature straps with double row of nickel on the top. Shoes popularity has lofted a lot in the recent years; ultimately it is now dictating the fashion. Not something as shabby as genetic advocate. Footwear that was once related with illustrative industry and repression has now come in mainstream.

He foot fashion is changing and in fact it is now defining the fashion event. For instance, London fashion week witnessed the front row loaded with Burberry-wearing celebrities — Cat Deeley, Alexa Chung, Poppy Delevigne, Serena Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Andy Murray.
Shoes today have become more about the artwork than comfort.

Any study that contains the words "shoes" and "women" is definite to make caption. Never disregard the fact, that any woman can sport fantastic shoes, stuff to her size, which means they're now treated as the solitary part of a catwalk model's dress and it is now aspiring everybody.

The brand Burberry is trying to maintain its brand name by using British celebrities in its promotion, counting models like Kate Moss, Agyness Deyn and Lily Donaldson, singer George Craig, and actress Emma Watson, she was titled the face of Burberry's 2009 Fall/Winter drive.

It has attempted to rebrand itself with advertisements in world fashion magazine like GQ, Esquire, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.

01 October, 2010

Trendy Fashion Images Can Be Funny Too

Fashions are not only meant for setting trends. They guide the world, they update the world, and they change the world. Fashion in general is term used for style and custom prevalent at a given time. It combines costume, clothing and look of the models. It is off course a cultural phenomenon.

Unlike other art forms and creative media, fashion is a mode of self-expression for all populace involved: the designer makes clothes to express their personality, and the consumer wears them for the same purpose. Fashion also accommodates a number of other creative professions, such as photography, make-up and hair-dresser.

The fashion trade works tough to generate psychological relations and set prospect on the part of its audience. The market is flooded with different trends, and firms look for fresh ways to grip the thought of clients. Brands do this by different way sometimes they present models showing their outfits and at other instances they go beyond presenting clothes and try to bring different merchandise together.

Sometimes funny fashion trends are also used to grab the attention; it is used as mood chiller or mood setter. It is often transitory but the funny images are so humorous, amusing, entertaining, hilarious and alive that it will trim down your strain and anxiety level which consequently will and augment your happiness quotient. These funny trends help the industry and brand to get a new attention of the user.

Here we are with some fashion trendy funny images that may work out as a mood setter for you. Have a look on it and enjoy the session……….

This man doesn’t want to look alike ghost. But he actually is keeping himself safe from the deadly contagious Swine flu. The facade was launched after seeing the vivacious use of swine flu mask. The purpose was to replace medicated looking mask by this funny looking mask.

You might have read the story ‘lady with the lamp’. But in the fashion world everything is possible. Now see this lady, with bird …aa no…o “lady with the crow” will be the right description. Hey man this is not real it is a hair clip resembling crow tweaking on the branch.

Have you ever seen dog with glasses. See Tommy he is wearing it. Want to know why? Because, might the dog finding tough to roam in the scorching light of Sun. Materialistic world…….so they too have to care. It’s a question of status.

If you are the man with stomach bulging out and you feel quite uncomfortable to wear outfits just because it look quite wretched. This man has brought a solution for you. Try the outfits and be sure to carry the attention of the world.

“Hey, be quite! Otherwise I will fly” this model with the outfit of peacock may be gesturing the same feeling. So dear just smile don’t laugh otherwise the bird will fly.

Queen of Jhansi cradled her son on his back and fought with the enemy. Inspired by brave queen this girl is marching on the beach with his cute pet. The little rocky might be enjoying the journey. By the way you got a way to carry your pet, if you don’t want to walk with it a collar in its neck and the other end in your hand.

The best way to dry your clothes in the rainy season is to move with a hanger. This model is depicting the same trend. If you like you can follow it. Be sure that you will not get cold and you also not have to hang out in the sun to dry the wet dress.

“Comfortable life”: this cat is enjoying its life to the fullest. Warm cozy comfy quill below and a lukewarm wind cheater on the top is the lifestyle of this brawny. Pets are rich too………

The two ladies are fascinating the fashion, one with colorful outfit and the other with pasty dress. Dressing sense are quite different, no link with each other but still walking together on the ramp……….it’s a fashion world yar

Now see these nails caps, a new trend in fashion. It is showing multiple colors with creature on the top. Vibrant design and funny too isn’t it? These are extensively used; it breaks the monotonous feeling of one color. They look good and have captivated the market.