06 October, 2010

San Francisco Fashion Awards 2010

SAN FRANCISCO FASHION WEEK (TM) 2010 is an elite fashion shows promoting San Francisco's most pioneering and budding fashion designers. This event soar initiate the fashion events concluding the revival of San Francisco Fashion Week.

San Francisco celebrated its third Fashion Awards for the year 2010. It was produced by Del Geronimo. San Francisco’s fashion community celebrates this award to show a sense of gratitude to their local fashion industry which has actually given them the international recognization.

The city gives awards to the Best milestone setter who has set record in the home. There extra ordinary work has boosted up the industry to the higher level of vision. The prime motto of this award ceremony is to give tribute and admiration to the most significant, flair, and able artist who have added novelty, originality and societal transformation in the enduring fashion advancement of San Francisco.

The victorious come back of "San Francisco Fashion Week (tm)" pertinently titled 'THE REINVENTION' was a reverberating victory. The organization request active participation of  the citizen to promote the motto and their objective.