13 September, 2010

Fashion Industry : An Industry Of Excellence And Larger Than The Film Industry

Fashion industry is a creative industry. It is an industry that is quite bigger in growth and profits than film, book publishing and music record industries. The main area of the profit in the fashion industry is the cloth design and development.

When you introduce the customers to the new trends of fashion, there is a growth and when this growth increases, simultaneously the profits increase. You need to be aware of the fact of trend driven conception in the fashion industry. It is good because it helps in the potential sales growth. Tends are based on the designers relative freedom to copy. If the law prohibits fashion design copying, then there can be a problem.
Fashion is constantly changing 

You need to keep our finger on the pulse. The fact is that the fashion changes on a daily basis. The main clients of the global fashion industry are domestic and foreign apparel manufacturers, designers and retailers.

In case the copy right law is introduced in the fashion designs, there will be a problem as the unique innovation culture of the fashion world will come under an intense legal scrutiny. Bill no 5055 is currently pending before the house in this regard will extend copyright protection.

Fashion industry network

In case of the fashion industry, the individuals need to develop the personal profiles. This is important to highlight their professional experience in the fashion industry. It is an essential fact that the fashion industry would not function without the factors like warehousing and distribution.

In the complete establishment of the fashion industry network, any industry that is directly linked to the fashion or textile industry is welcome. The main goal of the fashion industry network is the open dialogue across various sections of the fashion industry. The open dialogue is primarily in the areas of business.

Fashion : Glamorous industry

Behind the glamour of the fashion industry, there is a struggle. Generally, when the word fashion stucks your mind, you think of Runway models, magazines and red carpets but actually there is lot of behind the scene turmoil. Above all, all the career paths that are related to fashion are exciting whether it is the creative, technical or the business side of the fashion industry.

Creative jobs in the Fashion industry

In the creative side of the fashion industry, you will have career as a illustrator, textile designer, costume designers, stylists and other design positions. There is yet another side of fashion called the business side of the fashion. The prime jobs that you can have in this area are fashion merchandiser, marketing executive, buyer, or trend forecaster.

New and exciting way to design a garment is the most important task that the fashion designer or his design team will undertake. Fashioning is a passion that is undertaken by all the class of society. The fact is that nature has made man or woman to have a natural inclination to look focused and good.

No one in this world actually does not want to look glamorous and attended to. Everyone needs attention and the first step to receive it is to look good. The people who participate in fashioning are fashion lovers, socialites, men-about-town, models, designers, photographers, bloggers, and stylists. The prime hubs of the fashion world are New York City (with over 5,000 showrooms), California (Los Angeles and San Francisco), Miami, London, Paris, and Italy.

Organization of Fashion Industry

There are complications as far as the organization and the structure of the fashion industry is concerned. There is definitely certain lack of the standard fashion companies. This shortage can be in a wide spectrum that ranges from apparel, footwear, home textiles and accessories markets.

The organization of the fashion industry is not a complicated process if looked after by a genuine management in this area. There are retailers, design source and selling companies, companies with their own manufacturing facilities and other companies who outsource production but retain control over parts of the production process.

Apart from this, there are certain high fashion companies that face a different kind of pressure compared to fashion industries that function in the area of fashion commodity goods.

The combination of all the above factors makes the fashion industry one of the most complicated industries in the world. Some common issues are.

  • Power of the consumer.
  • Complicacy of the supply chains.
  • Time consumption in product launching and delivery. 
  • Importance inventory control maintenance.

Do You Even Know??

About 40 fashion weeks are held in different cities around the world every year. But the Big Four are in New York, London, Milan and Paris, and they are the most prestigious.