30 November, 2010

Fashion Industry Network : A Social Network For Fashion Lovers

Well, you have heard about Facebook, Twitter and many other social networks, however, there is also a social network on fashion called the fashion industry network. The website was launched by the Apparel Search Company and can be viewed by all the fashion lovers across the globe.

Imagine being able to keep up to date with information related to the fashion industry news all at the click of a button. If you are serious about joining this business network, you will have to visit the website for further details. Here are some of the features of this social network:

Meet Other Members

When you join this network, you will have the privilege of meeting with other members in the fashion industry. Not only will you be able to meet and greet, but you will also get an opportunity to interact with them. This level of communication between members holds the possibility of diverse benefits, as members are permitted to share fashion ideas and designs.

The Business of the Network

Another aspect of the network is that you are allowed to conduct business through the network. This is because both members of the fashion industry and consumers have the option of contributing in the network. 

The Balance of Ideas

Within the fashion industry network there is a strong balance and control of ideas. This is because both people who are actively working in the garment industry and shoppers for clothing are included in the discussion forums and boards.