16 October, 2010

About Trend Spotter

To survive in the fashion industry, a company has to frequently come up with new trends and styles which people like and follow. This helps them to become popular among the fashion conscious mass who can consider buying their needed items from them. Hence, a fashion company needs to continuously study the current fashion trends to determine what could be the next. It also needs to discover and invent newer styles and trends to attract its potential customers.

To fulfill this prime requirement, many small and big fashion firms hire a professional specifically for identifying and suggesting new fashion trends. Such a professional is called a trend spotter. As is clear from the above paragraph, a trend spotter serves an important role in a fashion company. He goes to different places around the world to study their culture and trends with respect to clothing and dressing up. 

He keenly looks after the fashion and style running in a given region to determine their potentiality for being popular among the mass in a given region. It may not seem difficult but it is actually so. The trend spotter often likes to visit places where the natives are fashionable and likes to dress up in stylish ways. Such spots are Paris, New York and Tokyo. 

To become a trend spotter, one needs to have an inclination towards thinking of new and unique styling ways. Having a college education from a fashion institute is helpful in enhancing the skills. The skill and ability to spot a trend goes on becoming strong with experience. Trend spotting is definitely among the most interesting jobs in the fashion industry. There are high chances of growing intellectually and making money for one as a trend spotter.


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