25 November, 2010

Fashion Industry Magazines : Different Types Of Magazines

All across the world there are lists of reputable fashion industry magazines to suit the liking of a wide array of people from different backgrounds. In the fashion industry markets, there are large sums of individuals with different tastes and preferences who read magazines; therefore you will need to have different types of magazines to cater for the unique demands. Let’s look at a few magazines:

Images Business of Fashion Magazine

This magazine is one of the most reputable across the Indian subcontinent as well as the Middle East. This publication specifically caters for topics such as clothing, fashionable lifestyle, garments, and beauty awards. There is also an emphasis on other issues like marketing, branding, packaging, retailing and distributing clothing.

Fashion Market Magazine

In the fashion industry many subscribers in the United States subscribe to this publication, simply because it has topped the fashion selling magazines in the US. One of the most love features of this publication is its constant supply of information on the latest fashion updates, and at the same time providing for the fashion needs of businessmen, women and corporate executives.

Glamour Magazine

This magazine is published in the United Kingdom (UK) and is the best selling magazine for women in Britain. This is because this magazine renders precise and detailed date on health, fashion, style and of course, beauty.

The Apparel Strategist

In Canada the leading fashion industry magazines in the fashion market is called the apparel strategist. This publication has topped the charts for the last eighteen years in reporting on the textile, style and fashion business news.